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Wayfinding signage provides valuable information visitors find their way through your building and campus.

After the analysis, message schedule and location plans are complete, sign design begins. Wayfinding signage design complements the architecture but does not overwhelm or detract. Wayfinding signage elements should blend with the architecture in size, materials, and design intensity. Signage becomes the signature of the architecture. By creating similar, interrelated sign images, placed at decision points throughout the facility, the user can quickly understand, locate, and feel comfortable in the environment.

Wayfinding Signage points:

  • Clearly identify arrival points.
  • Provide convenient parking and accessible walkways located adjacent to each public entry.
  • Establish a floor numbering system that relates to a building's main entry and indicate on directories which floors are above and below grade.
  • Design public waiting areas that are visually open to corridors.
  • Distinguish public from non-public corridors by using varied finishes, colors and lighting
  • Harmonize floor numbers between connecting buildings.
  • Standardize names for all buildings, services and destinations, and display them consistently on all graphics applications.
  • Use easily understood "plain" language.
  • Size messages and signs appropriately for viewing distances.
  • Select letterforms and color combinations that comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines
  • Furnish generous spacing between letters, words and message lines.
  • Provide standardized "you are here" maps of the project that include an overall map of the complex and more detailed maps of specific areas.
  • Place maps at all parking exits, building entrances and major interior decision points.
  • Establish consistency in sign placements and graphics layouts.
  • Code areas by using color and memorable graphics.
  • Use established pictographs with words to facilitate comprehension of written messages.