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Vehicle Wraps

Download our YSC-Vehicle Graphic Brochure (*.pdf)

High quality vehicle advertising and car wraps are a relatively new form of mass promotion that has exploded into the world of marketing.

There are virtually no regulations to advertising on your private/company vehicle. That means more exposure! Imagine driving in Times Square where millions of people will see your advertisement as you drive down the street. Combine millions of people, and the statistic that on average 91% of the population notice wrapped vehicles and you have your next advertising opportunity.

Vehicle advertising is the most cost effective form of advertising in the industry.

It is a proven statistic that vehicle graphics boost brand name recognition more than 15 times greater than any other form of advertising. Get a jump on the competition and get your name out there today!

We design, produce and install high-quality vinyl graphic wraps for cars, trucks, vans, fleets and trailers, as well as building, wall and stadium spaces.

We specialize in creating unique vehicle wraps, car wraps, and architectural graphics that get your brand noticed, recognized and talked about. Plus, our larger-than-life creations cost substantially less than traditional advertising media.

This is far from traditional. This is dynamic. Powerful. Big. And never cookie-cutter. We start with your company. What you need. What you want. And where you want to go. Then we customize a campaign to create the “oohs” and “aahs” your brand deserves.

Turnaround time is based on the availability of our installers, plus bay time. The average time from date of final approval is 7 business days. One day to clean vehicle surface. If vinyl must be removed, add one additional day. Four business days for installation of the graphics, and one day to cure. If you need to pick up your vehicle early, you must take great care with the vinyl so it has the recommended time to cure. Our installation is warranted for 1 year of normal wear. Acts of God, vandalism or obvious damage are not part of this warranty.

We hope you enjoy your vehicle wrap and thank you for letting us assist you.

Difference of Pricing

We use the highest quality of materials for full printed graphics.

3M IJ180C is 2mil thick and last for 8 years. There are less expensive vinyl materials, however, the quality cannot be matched. The over laminate that is used is also 3M; which lasts 5 years.

Most other sign companies use either solvent or eco-solvent printers for their vinyl printing. The print quality may vary depending on the brand of printer. Extra ink is required to be stored since those printers have to be refilled constantly. There are other downfalls when using solvent & eco-solvent printers.

Our printer is the only one of its kind in South Texas. We use the HP DesignJet L25500. This printer uses Latex ink and is the latest wide format printer from Hewlett Packard. The prints are very consistent.


As shown above, we also use 3M IJ40, depending on the application. On the back of all good quality materials, the manufacturer will label their products.


A"cheaper quote" might imply cheaper materials used.