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Vehicle Wraps Before and After

Download our YSC-Vehicle Graphic Brochure (*.pdf)

We have developed a set of guidelines for what you should expect from your vehicle graphics and our installation team.
In all cases the vinyl installed on your vehicle is applied with a flat 4” squeegee and applied by hand. We clean your vehicle with the correct, approved chemicals and remove all objects we can to make the installation as successful as possible. All compound curves require us to stretch the vinyl in two different directions. In some cases we are forced to cut the vinyl as we cannot stretch the vinyl more than ¼” (manufacturers recommendation) and will cover only the areas that are viewed from a straight-on view.
As opposed to a custom, hand air-brushed painted application, you can expect that the vinyl could have small wrinkles, bubbles and minor imperfections. Vehicle wraps should look great from 4 feet away and are considered a successful wrap. Vehicle wraps are not paint, and should be treated as a vinyl material covering on your vehicle.

To remove vinyl from a wall or vehicle we use a heat process to soften up the vinyl, which helps make it easier to remove. In some cases, vinyl removal removes paint from the wall or vehicle. Your Sign Company, LLC is not responsible for any damage to the wall or vehicle due to vinyl being removed. After vinyl removal, vehicles are cleaned and washed . Vehicles are then wiped down with a certified cleaning agent.
We use 3M quality products and the following is a list of standard warranty on areas of the vehicle and care:

  • Hood Vinyl 2 years Wax will prolong graphics
  • Drive Side Vinyl 3 years Wax is recommended
  • Back Vinyl 3 years Wax is recommended
  • Pass Side Vinyl 3 years Wax is recommended
  • Roof Vinyl 2 years Wax will prolong graphic life
  • VW Bug Fenders No Warranty Wax will prolong graphic life
  • PT Cruiser Fenders No Warranty Wax will prolong Graphic life
  • Bumpers No Warranty Wax will prolong graphic life
  • Side Window Perf 1.5 years Do not wax, coat or scrape
  • Back Window Perf 1.5 years Do not wax, coat or scrape
  • Compound Areas No Warranty Wax will prolong graphic life

You may wash your vehicle, and use a pressure washer on a low pressure, wide spray. High pressure, narrow spray may result in vinyl damage.
We highly recommend you wax your vehicle once a year (or more) to maintain the high shine and the life of the vehicle graphics. The best wax is a liquid. This makes it easier to apply. In most cases wax will take out the stains you might get in the graphics.

High Heat – If you vehicle is out in the sun and gets very hot, the film will not fall off or peel.

Insurance – Most insurance companies offer a special policy to cover your vehicle graphics. Call your insurance company for more details.

Peeling or lifting – If you see the film lifting or peeling back on its own, contact us immediately so we may correct the problem. When driving, you must be careful of tree limbs and ‘brushing’ objects against the graphics.

Turnaround time is based on the availability of our installers, plus bay time. The average time from date of final approval is 7 business days, one day to clean vehicle surface. If vinyl must be removed, add one additional day. Four business days for installation of the graphics, and one day to cure. If you need to pick up your vehicle early, you must take great care with the vinyl so it has the recommended time to cure. Our installation is warranted for 1 year of normal wear. Acts of God or vandalism or obvious damage are not part of this warranty.

We hope you enjoy your vehicle wrap and thank you for letting us assist you.