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We are proud to introduce our "green" solar sign lighting solutions.

Quality Solar components go into every SLW Solar System.
Model SUN-B can Sun Power LEDs in an *average 18" Channel Letter Sign.
Great for business front, remote & mobile Installations.
Reduce need for trenching, electrical permits, inspections and invasive wiring. 
And, your customers will never have to pay to power their signs!
Easily expand system to accomodate larger signs & longer on times.
Switch from neon with expected ROI less than 2 years! 

Simply pole or roof mount  the SLW Solar System and wire to your sign.

40 Controller settings to choose from...
Automatically turn your sign on at dusk and off at dawn, or at schedule of your choosing.
Model SUN-B SLW Solar System powers 100-0.427W LED modules for up to 8 hours.
Our Model SUN-120 will power up to 300-0.427W LED modules for up to 8 hours.
For larger signs, simply purchase appropriate number of "Moon Unit" add-on systems.
Charge times & strength will vary based on geographical location.
Each Moon Unit will run approximately an additional 100 Standard LED modules.
One year limited warranty on all Solar Systems.