Your Sign Company, LLC

We are a Full-Service Architectural Sign Company.

CMBL / HUB CERTIFIED#1371590572800
A Texas based Woman Owned Company
4531 Ayers St., Suite 312 Corpus Christi, TX 78415
PO Box 634 Corpus Christi, TX 78403
ph. 361.887.2100   fax. 361.887-2109

Preferred File Types

Company logos, please submit a vectorized PDF version and "Pantone color"; if available.  This will insure your logo is correctly produced.  For more information about "Vector Graphics"

We use:  Adobe CS3 programs & Corel Draw 11-X4
For Illustrator files (*.ai): Fonts need to be converted to outlines.

For Corel Draw files (*.cdr): Fonts need to be converted to curves.

For PDF files (*.pdf): Fonts need to be converted as above. File should not be secured (password protected) &/or unlocked.


We accept the following image file types for Large Format Printing:

  • Raster File Types Supported: TIFF, TIFF/IT, 8 Bit & 16 Bit TIFF, 4 GB TIFF, JPEG 2 , Kodak PhotoCD, ER Mapper, MrSid, JPEG, Targa, Scitex CT, DIB, GIF, PCX, BMP
  • TIFF Formats Supported: RGB, CMYK, Lab, CMYKOG, CMYKOB, CMYKGB, CMYKOGB, CMYKRGB, CMYK+Spot channels
  • PostScript & PDF File Support: PS & EPS Level 2 & 3, DCS 4 and 6-color Separations, PDF, PDF-X
  • Font Types Supported in PostScript (prefer they are converted): PostScript 1 & 4, True Type, Multiple Master Type 1, CID, Kanji, Morisawa