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Exterior YSCLetters

YSC Letters on Sign Board

Keep in mind that all exterior letters will require some maintenance to retain their original luster.  All plastic and metal letters should be periodically cleaned with a good dish soap and water to remove any dirt or pollutants gathered  from the environment.  Should the face of a metal letter get scratched, the polyurethane coating can be revitalized using a good car wax.

Del Mar College Medical Arts Building from YSC

What size should your letters be?

Viewing Distance / Letter Height

100 ft
250 ft
360 ft (city block)
500 ft
750 ft
1000 ft
1320 ft (1/4 mile)


Choice of Materials:

  • Precision cut metals and plastics
  • Cast Aluminum, Bronze & Brass
  • Waterjet cut stone



  • Prismatic (dimensional)
  • Standard (flat face)


Formed Plastic - Standard Letter Fonts -
Other fonts upon request
Antique Olive Architectural Arial Bold Avant Garde Medium
Barnum Classic Barnum Bauhaus Benguiat
Bodoni Italic Brush Script Casual Italic Script Caslon Adbold
Century Bold Condensed Century Schoolbook Bold Clarendon Fortune Bold Clarion
Clearview One-Bold Comic Sans Bold Commercial Script Consort
Consort Round Consort Condensed Copperplate Cooper Black Italic
Cooper Black Country Gothic Eurostyle Bold Eurostyle Bold Ext. Italic
Friz Quadrata Frutiger Futura Futura Condensed
Futura Bold Futura Extra Bold Italic Futura Round Gil Sans Bold
Garamond Bold Italic Garamond Bold Round Gemco Goudy Extra Bold
Goudy Old Style Harrier Helvetica Helvetica Round
Helvetica Bold Helvetica Bold Ext. Helvetica Bold Italic Helvetica Bold Round
Helvetica Light Helvetica Medium Condensed Helvetica Medium Italic Round Helvetica Medium Italic
Herman Italic Impact Round Italicized Script Kabel
Lithos Bold Lotus Bold Microgramma Bold Ext Old English Bevel
Optima Semi Bold Optima Palatino Roman Neo SB
Roman Round Roman Classic Sculptured Standard Block Cond
Standard Block Standard Block Round Times Bold Times Bold Round
Trajan Bold Times Bold Italic Times New Roman Univers 67