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ENLAY Sign System

Embedded Tactile Graphics and Grade 2 Braille

For use in areas prone to vandalism. Embed Series is an attractive, yet highly vandal resistant ADA compliant sign created by using raised text that is embedded below the surface and by inserting machined and pressed Grade 2 Braille. Most of the time this sign is made from 1/8” thick non-glare acrylic, however it can be made from diverse materials such as Formica laminated acrylic, Corian, clear and frosted acrylics of different thicknesses, and wood. There is no paint on the surface of the sign for vandals to scratch.


  • Signs which designate permanent rooms and spaces: room numbers, restrooms & exit signs
  • 1/8” thick minimum colored acrylic base with raised acrylic letters. Any painted surface is unacceptable.
  • 5/8” min - 2” max letter height. All text raised 1/32” min. and embedded into the surface of sign. Upper Case letters only. Surface applied letters are unacceptable.
  • Sans Serif (such as Helvetica Med., Optima or similar). Character width: 55-110% of height, Stroke: 10 - 15% of height, Inter-Character Spacing: 1/8” min - 3.8” max.
  • ADA Pictogram: Raised within 6” min. field. Verbal description directly below. The following symbols may be required: International symbol of Accessibility, International TTY Symbol, Volume Control Symbol and International Symbol of Access of Hearing Loss.
  • Braille: Doomed Grade 2 Braille that meets ANSI & ADA requirements. Domed California Braille to be used in State of California. Dot Height: .025-.037, Dot Dia: .059-.063, Interdot Spacing: .090-.100, Horizontal Cell Separation: .241-.300, Vertical Cell Separation: .395-.400
  • Characters and background: non-glare finish. Any painted surface is unacceptable.
  • Characters and Symbols must contrast with the background. Light characters/ symbols on dark background preferred.

Standard Features and Options:

  • Update-able window inserts
  • Standard and custom color choices
  • Decorative Stand-Off mounting hardware
  • Foam Tape Mount
  • Torx head screw mount
  • Stable in high humidity
  • Subsurface graphics
  • Full Color graphics
  • Decorative frames
  • Exterior use option
  • Materials made in the USA

6"x8" ADA Signage at TAMU-SA

For complete listing of all regulations published in the Dept. of Justice Federal Register, dated Friday July 26, 1991, 28CFR Part 36, title III, and the updated ICC/ ANSI A117.1-1998 Accessibility standard. Contact the Office of Americans with Disabilities Act at (800) 514-0301 voice, (800) 514-0383 TTY.