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ADA Signage

ADA Seal info to ADA Guidelines
Here are a some of the new updates to the ADA Standards

  • Minimum height for characters on ceiling and projecting signs will be a more reasonable 2” instead of the 3” that has pretty much eliminated the use of ceiling directionals in hospitals
  • Door mounting for tactile signs will be allowed in certain situations: on the push side of doors with closers and without hold open devices. Examples include: hotel rooms, restrooms and fire exits.
  • In prisons and jails, signs not in public use areas are not required to comply with ADA. With the exception of Exit doors and accessible parking, most signs in parking facilities are not required to comply.
  • Tactile messages are defined in greater detail in the new ADAAG. Only San Serif, thin stroke fonts will be allowed. That is why we see so many systems separate the tactile from the visual message, addressing the needs of both groups. Kerning, or spaces between tactile characters has to be at least 1/8”, regardless of character height.
  • Braille must be placed directly below the corresponding raised message.
  • Mounting positions: Signs are to be mounted so that the baseline of the tactile characters is between 48” and 60” above the floor. This lowering is in concert will other changes to make reach accommodations for people of short stature and those who use wheelchairs.
  • There is a 5/8” minimum letter height for visual signs. This minimum increases according to viewing distance.
  • When separate visual and tactile characters are used, tactile characters can be as small as 1/2", as long as the minimum 1/8” intercharacter spacing is maintained.
  • Scoping has been updated, to require specific signs outside and within the Area of Rescue Assistance. Tactile signs are required all along the path of egress, in addition to overhead illuminated exit signs.