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Regarding the situation in Afghanistan, YOUR SIGN COMPANY has a personal message to our customers, friends and visitors to our website.

Due to the, in my opinion, derelict decision made by President Biden, our State Department and Current Administration on the exit from Afghanistan, there are now disastrous effects to every American.

In this action the Biden Administration has been weighted in the balances and found lacking.

What can we do to everything happening……….

There are estimates of 10,000 plus Americans and their families currently in Afghanistan that are trying to get out to the ONLY airport in Kabul. We hear and see on the news that this airport is surrounded by Taliban soldiers, with American weapons, restricting their ability to get on airplanes.

First: Join me in praying for their safety and safe passage. God is in control and hears our prayers.

Second: Every American should be calling their senators and representatives in Congress to act now! No American left behind! (see contact information below)

To our Veterans, their families, Gold Star Families. You are watching this ‘take-over’ of Afghanistan by the Taliban and your hearts and spirits may be crushed thinking your service was for naught………….. Know that American’s are proud of your service. Your service was honorable and sacrificial to ensure our safety and freedoms……You are our bravest…..You made a difference in the world in your honorable service. If you need help, please reach out. There are Pastors, doctors, friends and family who are there for you. This is a battle that we can go through with you and support you in your battle.

We should all lift these warriors up in prayer.

Americans are also watching as our allies and interpreters and their families in Afghanistan are struggling to get out and are being hunted down and beaten and killed by the Taliban because they helped us fight for freedom. If you know of someone who is trapped, please know I join you in prayer and other American’s do too.

You can also contact They a nonprofit dedicated to fix the State Departments 14-step process with it’s 3.5 year wait time. They provide emergency financial aid and or transportation. Please share this with those who need this information.

Again, please join me in prayer and action. Below are the email addresses for the White House, State Department and Congress.

I encourage anyone reading this to share this to their own website pages or email to get this message out there.       The White House        United States Department of State        House of Representatives and Senate        Non Profit for financial aid and transportation       Veteran Owned Bussinesses that are seeking to repatriate American Citizens and Afghan allies.       Project Dynamo. A US nonprofet evacuating Americans from Afghanistan and Urkraine

“The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth.” Psalm 145:18 NKJV

God’s grace to all………………….Georganne

If you or someone you love is depending on the Federal Government to help in a disaster, that in itself can be……
well…..a disaster!
So much red tape and ‘do you qualify’……
and then patting themselves on the back afterward.

Under President Biden, United States seems more concerned to send billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries then to spend it right here at home on its own people who are in need.

Hurricane Ian is a disaster…..
Want to Help!
The Florida Disaster Fund is the State of Florida’s Official private fund established to help the people and communities who need it.

If you want to help, go to
You will see a DONATE button. Click there to donate any amount to help our fellow Americans in need.

Feel free to share this with others.
God bless.

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